Emergency Toilet

“We recently had our pipes back up and needed to call an emergency plumber. The house is quite old so it took several days to fix. We really appreciated how quickly the boys from All Area Portables were able to bring us out another toilet. We had called in the morning and had it delivered in the afternoon.”

J. & T. Thomas

Bathroom Renovation

“Just a note to let you know how happy we were with our Portable shower and toilet. I would highly recommend this service. The set up was quick
and efficient. We really appreciated the convenience during our bathroom renovation. It just made
everything so much easier.”

R. Donaldson

Bathroom Renovation

“I recently renovated my bathroom and hired a portable shower from All Area Portables. It really did make our renovation a lot easier. I first contacted All Area Portables after looking around on the net for a shower to hire. This was the most affordable and looked to have the best system for hot water supply. When the shower arrived it fitted nicely into our backyard. I was pleasantly surprised with how clean and spacious the shower was. It was really easy to use. It also gave out more water pressure and heat than the shower in my own home!!”

K. Johnson


“We renovated our bathroom in the middle of winter. We were really lucky that we accidently came across All Area Portables only weeks before our renovation…. We saw one of their units being delivered on the way to work. The shower was fantastic. It was easy to use and toasty warm. We were glad that the young man that delivered was able to get it around the rear of our property, behind the rollerdoor. We were really surprised the gas bottle lasted over the three weeks and still wasn’t empty.”

E. Hamilton

Various Events

“Michael and his crew are wonderful to work with! We have used All Area Portables for a number of our events now including my sons 21st, my own 50th and daughter’s engagement party. The toilet are always well presented and clean.”


P. Bansfield