Where do I place the chemical sachet?

If you are hiring a toilet for a length exceeding 7 days, we will supply you with top up chemical sachets for the breakdown of waste and odours. These are required to be placed into the holding tank by lifting the grey lid that the toilet seat is attached to. A sachet is required every 7 days.


Where can I place the portable units?

Both toilets and showers need to be placed on level ground. We need 1.3m wide clearances for any passages or gates. Showers are a little bit more flexible with location, however toilets need to be placed no further than 15m from the point our pump-truck can access due to vacuum hose length. Where possible toilets need to have airflow above them and shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight for efficient venting of odours from the top of the unit.


How does the hot water service work?

We exclusively use the Bosch 10H “HydroPower” instant gas hot water service. These units do not require an electrical connection for ignition, instead using the centrifugal force of the water to spin an igniter. This means no extension cables out in weather. A water supply from a garden tap then runs the hot water supply inlet requirement and cold water shower supply.


How does the toilet get emptied?

Once the toilet is due for collection or full, we use a pump-truck to vacuum out the waste inside the unit. This process is quick and generally takes 15min. Once the unit is dry it can be removed from the premises. Please allow 48hrs notice for pumping to occur when additional pumping is required.


How do you move the units into position?

We use a hand trolley to move the units. We can tilt them over to get under rollerdoors, as long as we have an area after that low point that we can tip the unit back upright. We can’t haul them over fences or walls.


Can I extend the hire?

Generally yes, if you contact us with enough notice i.e 48hrs. However, calling on the day of collection to extend is completely dependent on our booking schedule. We always try our best to help.


What is the water pressure like?

This is completely dependent on the water supply pressure to your property.


What happens if a unit gets damaged?

The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage made to the unit from the moment we deliver the unit to the property until pick up. This is covered under our "Terms and Conditions" of hire.


What size are the units?

The units are 1200mm x 1200mm at the base and 2100mm in height.


Do the units have lighting?

Yes, on request we can supply and install at no additional cost a solar LED light. Again this means that no extension cords or power is required. The units have an opaque top and let a lot of light in during the day. Any outside home lighting will also filter through the top at night.


What payment methods do you accept?

For unknown or open-ended hire periods, a deposit placed on a credit card is required. The end invoice can be paid as an EFT, cash or credit card payment. Credit card payments incur a 2.5% service fee. Payments for party hire need to be made prior to the event or at delivery.


How long do the gas bottles last for?

We provide 2 x 8.5kg gas bottles. A general rule of thumb is that a bottle will last a family of four having a 5min shower each day about 2 weeks.


What if I use both gas bottles?

You are responsible for supply of gas after the two bottles that we deliver. Our suggested solution is to “swap and go” at Bunnings. Replacement bottles are approximately $20-$25. Please do not change over a gas bottle under the first one has been completely used.


How often will the toilet need pumping?

The toilet has a waste capacity of 390 litres or 650 uses. You can check waste capacity by lifting the grey tank lid located under the toilet seat.


No water is flushing when pumping?

The freshwater tank is empty and need to be refilled. This can be done with a hose through the white circular access lid on RHS inside unit.